Release notes

Version 3.0.0 – 2019-03-14

Differences from version 1.3.


  • Support for Python 3.7, 3.6, 3.5 in addition to 2.7.


  • Always use lower-case imports from diffpy.structure.
  • Use numeric-value sort to order variables in PrintFitHook.


  • Variable __gitsha__ in the version module renamed to __git_commit__.


  • Optional upper and lower-bound arguments in Parameter.setValue. The bounds can be set with Parameter.boundRange instead.
  • Unused classes ListOperator, SetOperator.


  • Metadata retrieval from PDFContribution hierarchy.
  • Refresh PDFGenerator when its rgrid is changed in-place.
  • Zero division in the example.
  • Crash in example because of bug in Parameter.setValue.
  • Pickling of ProfileGenerator objects and of bound class methods.
  • Invalid escape sequences in string values.