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diffpy.utils - general purpose shared utilities for the diffpy libraries.

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Last updated November 20, 2023.

The diffpy.utils package provides general functions for extracting data from variously formatted text files as well as some PDF-specific functionality. These include wx GUI utilities used by the PDFgui program and an interpolation function based on the Whittaker-Shannon formula for resampling a bandlimited PDF or other profile function.


Illustrations of when and how one would use various diffpy.utils functions.


diffpy.utils is developed by members of the Billinge Group at Columbia University and at Brookhaven National Laboratory including Pavol Juhás, Timur Davis, Christopher L. Farrow, Simon J.L. Billinge.

For a detailed list of contributors see https://github.com/diffpy/diffpy.utils/graphs/contributors.


See the README file included with the distribution.

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