Release Notes

PDFgetX3 version 1.2

Sources were updated to support Python 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 in addition to Python 2.6 and 2.7.

The egg software package was enhanced to support all Python versions. PDFgetX3 is now distributed in a single egg file rather than in multiple eggs per each Python version.

Added support for IPython 5.0 with continued compatibility for IPython 0.10 and later.

Added support for matplotlib 2.0.

Changed pdfgetx3 option --force to take a boolean value (“yes”, “no”, “true”, etc.) or “once”. The configuration parameter force can be set to a bool or to a string 'once'. This enables safe one-time overwrite of existing output files.

The plotdata program learned a new option --log=LOG to set logarithmic scale for x or y axis. The plotdata() function added a new log argument for the same purpose.

Added ax argument for the plotdata() function to select a specific matplotlib axis for plotting.

Removed hold argument from the plotdata() function, because it was deprecated in matplotlib.

Added support for Unicode filenames and values in the config interactive variable.

Updated plotting code to use the Unicode “Å” (Ångström) symbol in axes labels. The “Å” symbol is also used to denote units in output files.

The parser of chemical formulas learned to read parentheses and fractional stoichiometry as in 'Pb (Ti Zr)1/2 O3'.

The loadData() argument usecols was updated to accept scalars, open-end slice objects and string-specified slices, such as '1:3' or '1:'.

The plotdata program and plotdata() function learned to take open-end slices for the y-columns selection. The plotdata utilities dropped support for multiple x-columns.

The pdfgetx3 program learned to avoid duplicate extension “” when run with

Fixed crash on loading custom configuration section, which is missing in global configuration file, but is present in the local one.

Removed import of all numpy names into the interactive session. NumPy is available under the np name instead.

Corrected missing checkbox in the tuneconfig dialog, which was caused by a bug in matplotlib.

Added explanatory message for PDFgetX3 installed for an incompatible Python version.

The IPython magic function %pdfgetx3 was changed to set _exit_code as do the shell commands run from IPython.

Inline documentation adopted NumPy-style Napoleon format, which is human readable and can be included in the manual.

The software package files and documentation were updated to build in a binary reproducible way.