DiffPy-CMI Contents

The DiffPy-CMI release includes Python and C++ libraries developed by the DiffPy team as well as external libraries necessary for functionality.

Libraries developed by the DiffPy team

Library   Description
diffpy.srfit doc Setup and control of general fitting problems.
diffpy.srreal doc Python library for calculation of pair based quantities such as the pair distribution function (PDF), bond lengths, and bond valence sums.
diffpy.Structure doc Light-weigth storage of crystal structure data.
diffpy.utils doc General purpose utilities for the diffpy libraries.
pyobjcryst doc Python bindings to the ObjCryst++ crystallographic library.
libdiffpy doc C++ library for calculation of PDF and other real-space quantities.

External libraries

Library   Description
srfit-sasview doc Selected modules from SasView, the Small Angle Scattering Analysis Software Package.
periodictable doc Extensible periodic table of the elements with support for mass, density, and X-ray/neutron scattering information.
libobjcryst doc ObjCryst++, crystallographic library for C++ re-packaged for installation as a shared library.
cxxtest doc Testing framework for C++.