PDFgetX3 is a command-line utility for converting X-ray powder diffraction data to atomic pair distribution functions (PDF). PDFgetX3 is easy to use, fast and convenient for automated batch processing. The interactive mode provides complete access to all parameters and intermediate results, as well as live-plotting feature for parameters tuning and visualization of their effects on the results. PDFgetX3 can be used either as a standalone application or as a Python library of PDF-processing functions. The software is free for open academic research, but requires paid license for commercial use.

PDFgetX3 is incorporated in the powerful end-to-end x-ray PDF analysis package xPDFsuite. Please see here for more information. xPDFsuite is designed for flexible, high throughput PDF analyses and contains many features for interrogating, comparing and modeling data as well as simply doing data reduction.

PDFgetX3-academic can be obtained from the Columbia Technology Ventures, provided it will be used for open academic research.

If you plan to use PDFgetX3 in any other way, please contact Beth Kauderer at Columbia Technology Ventures.