Release notes

Version 2.1.0 – 2019-03-11

Notable differences from version 2.0.1.


  • Support for Python 3.7.
  • Validation of compiler options from python-config.
  • Make scons scripts compatible with Python 3 and Python 2.
  • Support np.array arguments for SetPowderPatternX, SetPowderPatternObs.
  • Declare compatible version requirements for client Anaconda packages.
  • Facility for silencing spurious console output from libobjcryst.


  • Build Anaconda package with Anaconda C++ compiler.
  • Update to libobjcryst 2017.2.x.


  • Variable __gitsha__ in the version module which was renamed to __git_commit__.


  • Support for Python 3.4.


  • Ambiguous use of boost::python classes and functions.
  • Name suffix resolution of boost_python shared library.
  • SetPowderPatternX crash for zero-length argument.
  • Incorrectly doubled return value from GetInversionCenter.